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VFM - Vibration Fundamentals and Measurement


Need to know how to reliably collect vibration data in the field or better understand vibration reports?

This course will help you understand the practical fundamentals of vibration theory and measurement as they apply to both machines and humans.

Course Duration:

1 day


  • Introduction to vibration (and its language)
  • Common vibration problems
  • Equipment and techniques we can use to measure vibration
  • Recognising and avoiding bad data
  • Resonance - what is it and why is it relevant?
  • Basic analysis and reporting

Who Should Attend

  • Machine condition monitoring
  • Structural vibration
  • Human vibration

Participants will learn how to:

  • Apply basic vibration theory
  • Reliably collect vibration data
  • Perform basic analysis
  • Write basic vibration reports
  • Interpret vibration reports provided by others