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OIL - Oil Analysis for Condition Monitoring


A well run oil analysis program provides valuable data on machine reliability and helps prevent problems from turning into downtime.

This course provides a solid grounding in oil fundamentals, develops an understanding of best practice oil analysis techniques and provides strategies for integration with your broader hydrocarbon management system.   

Course Duration:

1 day


  • Best practice oil analysis techniques
  • Lubrication considerations
  • Oil chemistry fundamentals
  • Sampling guidelines, viscosity and class
  • Wear debris analysis
  • Oil diagnosis and optimising oil changes
  • Hydrocarbon management
  • Integration of oil analysis and hydrocarbon management

Who Should Attend

  • Reliability and Maintenance Engineers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Lubrication personnel
  • Condition Monitoring personnel

Participants will learn how to:

  • Oil fundamentals
  • Basic oil chemistry classification
  • Good sample collection
  • Oil consumption and control
  • Industry Best Practice
  • Integrating oil analysis and hydrocarbon management