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EAR - Noise Awareness: Impacts Unseen


Noise is a pollutant...unfortunately out of sight often means out of mind.

Noise can obviously cause permanent damage to our auditory system but can also have other significant effects on our workplaces, homes, communities and the natural environment.

Increasingly companies are ranking unwanted noise high on their risk matrix and need help to tackle it.

This course provides a concise and practical guide to those in the field directly affected by noise, as well as those with responsibility to proactively limit effects.

Course Duration:

1 day


  • Noise fundamentals
  • Potential negative effects
  • Engineering and occupational noise control principles
  • Occupational noise management
  • Impacts and benefits of noise control in design and planning

Who Should Attend

  • Project and Risk Engineers
  • Plant Design Engineers
  • Town Planners
  • Community Liaison Officers
  • Environmental Relations Personnel

Participants will learn how to:

  • Effects of, and human response to, noise
  • Impacts on the community
  • Fundamentals of environmental risk associated with noise
  • Key concepts of occupational noise control and management