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Customised Training

We can come to your site

We understand that your business has a unique set of problems and priorities that require your focus.

SVT offers tailored solutions to address your specific needs – whether it be:

  • Running one of our scheduled courses on dates which better align with swing changes or operational logistics
  • Conducting the training at your facility; or
  • Developing a fully customised training package that talks about your plant and equipment

We have the experience to develop a practical solution to your training needs.

Customised courses

Tailored solutions can be developed from a range of base modules, including:

  • Vibration Measurement & Understanding
  • Vibration Analysis and Diagnostic Techniques
  • Lubrication Awareness, Analysis and Management
  • Oil Analysis & Hydrocarbon Management
  • Advanced Condition Monitoring of Diesel Engines
  • Precision Alignment of Machines
  • Balancing of Rigid Rotors
  • Performance Monitoring of Critical Plant
  • Integrated Reliability Management Systems
  • Reciprocating Gas Engines and Compressors Vibration & Lubrication
  • Integrated Condition Monitoring Strategies, Implementation, and Performance Indicators
  • Strategy Development in Critical Areas of Sustainable Maintenance Management
  • Improving Reliability and Life Cycles of Plant Equipment
  • Piping Vibration Management
  • Torsional Vibration

Contact us today to find out how we can tailor customised training to suit your needs.